Latest Products Latest Products Wed, 10 Aug 2022 23:03:09 +0530 en-us Bronze Utensils Wed, 16 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Bronze Utensils still being used?!! Well, one would think that the user of those kinds of utensils are mad for using them still today when the utensil industry has experienced an evolution and there has been a revolution of sorts. By revolution we mean there has been a total upheaval in this industry with the ancient bronze becoming backdated and their usage being totally forsaken. But today with their health benefits it is becoming a fad again and so Bronze Utensils Exporter from Jodhpur are now again picking it up from where they left it. The bronze utensils exhibit certain properties like low friction against other metals resulting in low scratch marks in them. These utensils show less expansion ability which helps in sculpting fashionable products which has helped Bronze Utensils Exporter from India to make and sell them in foreign markets. This metal is a good metal to cook your food in because of its tremendous health benefits. It is exactly the reason why Bronze Utensils Exporters are making a beeline in promoting their goods. It helps in dry skin, nervous system, eyesight, reduces obesity and a multiple number of health disorders. As bronze utensils are very hard and durable, it is a viable option as household utensils. There is no chance of breakage and wear and tear. As it is easily molded, beautifully crafted utensils by Bronze Utensils Exporters from Jodhpur are making their way onto the shelves of all leading stores today. Bronze Pooja Items Wed, 16 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Pooja is the same as the English ritual of worshipping God. Every religion has its own specific items of ritualistic worship and ceremonies. So does the Hindu religion. There are many Bronze Pooja Items Suppliers who can do the needful. Pooja items are pieces of worship that is particular to Hinduism. Without these items a pooja would never be complete. The pooja items include a thali, a diya, a bell and a small lota or a pot. Among the pooja items the incense stick holder can also be included. In the Hindu religion, the tradition of bronze items reached its peak during the Chola rule in India. The metal was supposed to ward of negative energy. It was also used to convey the zeal and passion of the artist who sculpted it. Bronze Pooja Items Suppliers in Jodhpur sculpted beautiful pooja items and statues from times immemorial. As the pooja items are a part of every Indian household, they become essential items just like the kitchen equipments and other items. Bronze Pooja Items Suppliers in Rajasthan have seen the needs of every Indian and have dutifully made pooja items which are used in the worship of the household deity be it a simple piece or an intricately carved piece. Mass scale demands and orders can be met by the Wholesale Bronze Pooja Items Suppliers in Rajasthan who can supply at very reasonable rates which make it easily affordable by every strata of society as it is a requirement for class. Bronze Fork Bronze Utensils Wed, 16 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 A fork is a utensil made from mainly metal and with a long handle which finishes off in ahead which divaricates into a number of slender and slightly curved fingers with whose help food can be speared into and lifted and put into the mouth or else to hold onto a food piece which is to be cut with a knife. Nowadays there are many variants in fork material. It can be made of wood, plastic, stainless steel, silver and of course the ancient bronze. Forks made from bronze can be beautifully designed by means of carving and sculpting. To get hold of your own just call a Bronze Fork Supplier and he will deliver beauty to you. A well decorated bronze fork would look very beautiful and becoming on the dinner table beside the dinner plate. The bronze fork with its golden finish when decorated looks absolutely amazing. It just transports us back to those days of royalty when splendor was at its height. The Bronze Fork Suppliers in Jodhpur carve such pieces. Bronze Fork Suppliers in Rajasthan deal with high grade bronze forks with a powder coated finish and which are reasonably priced to make the item within everybody’s reach and means. If you are the proud owner of a store anywhere across the country or for that matter anywhere around the globe you can get in touch with best Bronze Fork Suppliers in India or the Wholesale Bronze Fork Supplier. Bronze Spoon Mon, 05 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0530 What is a spoon? The answer is very simple. A spoon is a small utensil which incorporates a small and superficial bowl which is sometimes known as the head that may be round or oval in shape and is fixed at one end from a handle. It is a fundamental of cutlery sets and is a part of setting in dinner tables. It is employed to put food into the mouth. There are many other functions as well. Not only putting food in the mouth but it also helps in serving, stirring, transferring from one utensil to another, etc. In food preparations it is used to mix, measure, toss, etc. A spoon typically is made of stainless steel, silver, wood, plastic or porcelain but it can be made from the ancient bronze as well. Bronze Spoon Exporters in Jodhpur have been crafting some beautiful spoons from the metal. Societies all around the world have spoons of many innumerable varieties but the craftsmen of Rajasthan have uniqueness in their art. Bronze Spoon Exporters from Rajasthan have given the world its fair share of beautifully crafted and sculpted bronze spoons. As the spoon is one of the most important components of the cutlery it is an omnipresent item everywhere. A dinner table looks attractive when decorated with exceptionally designed spoons beside the plate. The eye catches onto the spoon immediately. So the Bronze Spoon Exporters from India have sourced their spoons from leading artificers all over the state. Bronze Dinner Set Mon, 05 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0530 There are many beautiful dinner sets to be purchased in the markets today. There has been a revolution in the industry which has pushed the bronze sets back into the warehouse. But this is because we are ignorant of the health benefits of the metal. They are numerous. That is why this metal is again making a comeback into the industry with its awareness coming to the fore. This has helped the Bronze Dinner Set Suppliers to grab the limelight. Bronze Dinner Set Suppliers in Jodhpur have crafted beautiful pieces from the metal. Kansara Bell Metal’s bronze dinner set consists of a thali, three small bowls and a glass or tumbler which is round in shape with a beautiful shiny finish to it. For ages now Rajasthan has given to the country some glorious art and architecture. It is no wonder that we get some magnificently crafted bronze utensils from the artisans there. They in turn supply the Wholesale Bronze Dinner Set Suppliers with their wares which reach the global stores. Bronze Dinner Set Suppliers in Rajasthan have kept the kept the world amazed with their art for centuries. In them we have some of the best craftsmen and artisans in the country till today. India is really proud of them. Bronze Thali Set Mon, 05 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0530 The thali set is also exclusive of India. The thali is a plate which is big in size and used to have lunch or dinner from it. It is the English equivalent of a lunch or dinner plate. In times past, Indians have been cooking and serving their meals from bronze utensils. India has always been associated with bronze utensils. This is the reason why there are many Bronze Thali Set Exporters from India today. But today one would be amazed to see someone eating out of bronze sets. It is only because we are not aware of the amazing benefits of bronze. Though this primordial metal is outdated these days, yet its benefits are immense. It helps in the treatment of dry skin, nervous system, irritability, reduces obesity and it also improves the eyesight and skin conditions. These are just a few to mention, there are many more health benefits associated with it which has enabled the Bronze Thali Set Exporters to encash the situation. The metal exhibits many properties which make it a very user friendly metal. It is very hard to start with. It is one of the least corrosive metals known which makes it usable as utensil material. It also has melting point and is a good cookware therefore. Bronze Thali Set Exporters from Rajasthan have given it the golden touch by carving beautiful thali sets from it. Kansara Bell Metals are one of the best that Rajasthan has. They are Bronze Thali Set Exporters in Jodhpur. Bronze Jug Wed, 16 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Bronze Serving Donga Wed, 16 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 A donga is basically a type of bowl with a lid found in mainly in India. A bowl is any round shaped dish or container employed mainly for the purpose of serving or preparing any kind of food. The inmost segment of the bowl is outlined like a spherical cap with edges and the foundation part taking the shape of a seamless curve. This characteristic feature makes the bowl principally appropriate for stocking of liquids and loose food items. This is practicable because the matter within the bowl is concerted to its centre by the force of gravity. The extrinsic part of the bowl can be of any and every shape. But here the donga differs a little bit in its structure and also sometimes in the material make. The Bronze Serving Donga in addition to its bowl like structure has a lid attached to it. The lid is a useful part of the entire thing. One would not require an extra covering item to cover it with. Dongas are an integral part of the Rajasthani kitchen. Bronze Serving Donga Suppliers in Rajasthan have kept this in mind and crafted dongas which are golden coloured, round shaped, light weight and shiny looking. With its exquisitely beautiful design and appeal, Bronze Serving Donga Exporters from India are now going places with their pieces. The utility of this little serving bowl modified with a little lid for safety is eye catching. It can easily be stored anywhere and the material is such that it allows for the storage of any corrosive elements in it even as bronze is not reactive with most acids. This is one reason why Bronze Serving Donga Suppliers have been able to take the market by storm. Bronze Glass Wed, 16 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 A glass is also known as a tumbler. It is essentially a flat floored beverage or liquid container typically made of plastic, glass, stainless steel or even bronze. Though this variety of glass is not commonly seen today yet it is a piece of decorative item as can be seen in ceremonies once in a while because of its beauty. A number of Bronze Glass Suppliers are there to do the honours of bringing it to the stores. Theory has it that the glass or tumbler could not stand on its own because of its cylindrical shape with a pointed or convex base but another theory says that the weighty bottom did not allow the tumbler or the glass to spill. Rather the heavy bottom allowed it to stand. But common knowledge says bronze glasses or tumblers did not fall because of the entire weight of the metal. Plus its design aspect made it even weightier. The Bronze Glass Suppliers in Jodhpur sculpted beautiful glasses from it. There are many Bronze Glass Suppliers in Rajasthan who export the item to other countries round the world by means of Bronze Glass Suppliers in India. These designer glasses are a sight to behold. When you are a guest in the palace turned hotels of Rajasthan you are made to feel like a king or queen when you are served your food or beverage in those bronze utensils. To make you feel royal there are Wholesale Bronze Glass Suppliers who are committed to serving their patrons with them. Bronze Pooja Thali Set Wed, 16 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Exclusive to India the pooja thali set is a unique piece of utensil that you will find only here. The English equivalent of pooja is worship. It means to worship God. Worshipping God and religion are all synonymous with every human being who is not an atheist everywhere around the globe. India is the land of many gods and every household has a household deity of its own. In India worshipping god is a ritual every day and we require a lot of things to worship god with. The household deity has to be cleaned every morning and then worshipped. To worship we need a few items like some fruit or Indian sweets, flowers, incense sticks, sandal wood paste, etc. To arrange these things a pooja thali set which literally is a big sized bronze plate with small bowls, an incense stick holder, a small lamp and a small jug without a handle. These are all items which are required for the pooja ceremony. Bronze Pooja Thali Set Exporters from Jodhpur have crafted those unique pieces from bronze to the right perfection. It is an item of daily use here in India and it also becomes an integral part of every household. It is no less an important piece of daily use even in distant lands. The Indians are away from India but not away from their god. So even those living far off require the bronze pooja thali set. To meet their requirements Bronze Pooja Thali Set Exporters from India have done their little bit in exporting them. Today sitting far away from home but getting the feel and magic of home and India is not a big deal. For this we can only thank the Bronze Pooja Thali Set Exporters in Rajasthan who have given to the world pieces of art which can only come from their hands. Bronze Pooja Bell Wed, 16 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Bronze Bowl Wed, 16 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Ordinarily a bowl is a round shaped dish or container which is used to serve or prepare some kind of food. The inner side of the bowl is designed like a spherical cap with edges and the bottom part taking the shape of a seamless curve. This characteristic feature makes the bowl especially suitable for holding liquids and loose food items. This is possible because the contents of the bowl are concerted to its centre by the force of gravity. The exterior of the bowl can be of any and every shape. The sizes of bowls differ from the regular salad bowl to single serving bowls to holding large amounts of food in the bowl. Bowls can be made of any material according to the choice of the customer or the purchaser. Bowls in olden days were typically made of bronze, brass, copper, hardened or baked mud or even clay bowls. In olden times, the bronze bowl was preferably used because of its hard and anti corrosive nature. It was easily sculpted and molded to give beautiful designs. Even the colour of the bronze bowl was beautiful with its golden hue. This factor led many Bronze Bowl Exporters to jump onto the bandwagon of exporting the item. In India, bronze was in use since ancient times. So it was natural for Bronze Bowl Exporters from India to be trading the item on a regular basis as trade and commerce flourished well even back in those days. Rajasthan is a state in India which is known for its intricate designs and patterns. We all know it is the state of beautiful palaces, forts, art and architecture. So it is in keeping with this that Bronze Bowl Exporters from Rajasthan flourished then and till today. Typically the Bronze Bowl Exporters from Jodhpur stood out among the lot. Bronze Thali Wed, 16 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Thali is a utensil in India which is used for eating food from and Bronze Thali Suppliers have always been in prominence because of their importance and utility priority. It is the equivalent of the English plate. After man became tame and started cooking food from proper utensils after the mud and clay pots were out of use, the thali came into existence. Since bronze was known in India from the middle of the 4th century BC to the early 2nd century BC, bronze utensils were already in use then. Trade and commerce has been in place since ancient times. So we can safely say that Bronze Thali Suppliers have been actively present in the Indian market since then. Rajasthan with its rich history and culture has always been a connoisseur of beauty and intricate designs. The Bronze Thali Suppliers in Rajasthan bear testimony to that. Rajasthani craftsmen with their beautiful designs have been giving to the world their dose of intricate designs and sculptures. The Bronze Thali Suppliers in Jodhpur stand out among the Rajasthani craftsmen and designers with their unique crafts which have enthralled people all around the world since India came on the global map in importance. As bronze is beneficial health wise and it has always been an important part of Indian culture and tradition, the Wholesale Bronze Thali Suppliers have never gone out of business. They have always been in prominence because of the product value that their product has been having in India. Even today during religious ceremonies and celebrity occasions the bronze thali and other utensils can be seen and a really pretty picture it makes. Bronze Dessert Spoon Wed, 16 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Bronze is an alloy of mainly copper, tin and a few other metals like aluminium, manganese, nickel or zinc. The inclusion of these metals makes it a harder substance than most other metals. So its strength, ductility and most important of all properties; machinability increases. The Bronze Age in India began in the middle of the 4th century BC and continued to the early 2nd century BC. The metal has been known to Indians as far back as those ancient days. Beautiful utensils started making their entry then. The dessert spoon is one among them. This is why today there are so many Bronze Dessert Spoon Suppliers all over the country. As a metal it is superior to many others enabling its sculpting. It is less brittle which is why utensils are easily made from it. The metal is less corrosive so it can be used a cooking medium where many corrosive substances like vinegar, sauces or tomato based foods make little or no impact. Bronze dessert spoons can be used to serve desserts to guests. It makes a pretty sight to behold. Bronze Dessert Spoon Suppliers in Rajasthan are now crafting beautiful pieces from the metal. The beauty factor of these spoons is so high that it is in great demand and manufacturers are now increasing their production. Even Bronze Dessert Spoon Suppliers in Jodhpur have now got the message and so have increased on their stocks. Indian goods have always been in high demand all over the world. Their design, structure and utility are the main factors behind it. As dessert is an integral part of the diet of westerners, Bronze Dessert Spoon Suppliers in India have made a strong impact on the global market. Bronze Tea Spoon Wed, 16 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 India is the world’s second largest tea producer. India’s tea mainly refers to Assam tea and Darjeeling tea. Though India has a long standing history in tea manufacture and consumption, yet records were lost for a good many years in India. Tea production in India began on a commercial scale only with the advent of the British East India Company wherein large stretches of land were converted and prepared for mass tea production in India. It was then that the British came to settle in India and with their culture and style evolved the use of beautifully decorated bronze tea spoons. The industry snatched this opportunity and the Bronze Tea Spoon Exporters made hay while the sun still shone over them. As bronze was already in use in India bronze utensils were a common sight back then. It was just how they used their situation to carve beauties out of it. The Bronze Tea Spoon Exporters in Rajasthan saw this opportunity and started their trade on a large scale. Rajasthan has always been known exclusively for their ornate designs, sculptures and palaces. It was no wonder that they easily crafted beautiful utensils from bronze. The Bronze Tea Spoon Exporters in Jodhpur found no difficulty in gaining market. The British with their love for luxury and high living became the potential customers of Bronze Tea Spoon Exporters in India and they also saw the situation played up to them and they started their export business while the British were still here. Bronze Wine Glass Wed, 16 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 A wine glass is that genre of glass that is employed to drink and taste wine. Almost all wine glasses are stemware which simply means that they are just goblets that comprise three parts namely the bowl, the stem and the foot. The shape of the wine glass does not alter the taste of wine according to scientific studies but it still remains a debate even today. But one study says that the shape does matter as the flavour and aroma concentrate in one region and it emphasizes on the variety’s characteristics. There is one common belief that the shape of the glass bids the wine into the best area in the mouth. Wine glasses generally were made of lead glass initially but lead caused health concerns and was discontinued. The normal glass was then used but in India bronze wine glasses were used. Bronze has a good effect on the health so Bronze Wine Glass Supplier has ventured into production. After realizing the positive side of bronze, Bronze Wine Glass Suppliers in Rajasthan have started mass production to keep up the supply of bronze wine glasses. Bronze has numerous health benefits which we will not go into the details but we know it has been in use in India since ancient times which is why Bronze Wine Glass Supplier in India do not face a problem in pushing their products. Bronze Wine Glass Suppliers in Jodhpur have designed beautiful glasses which have an antique finish with a round shape and plain pattern. Wholesale Bronze Wine Glass Suppliers have manufactured them to hold at least 150 ml of wine. Bronze Jug & Glass Set Wed, 16 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Pure Copper Bottles Wed, 16 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Copper is an element of nature that is a key to good health which includes the health of humans, plants, animals and microorganisms too. Copper in humans is vital as it aids in the proper functioning of all organs and also boosts the metabolic process. However important it is, yet excess of it is eliminated from the human body by natural means. Copper has antimicrobial properties is the reason why ancient Indians have been storing their drinking water supply in copper jars and bottles. It also augments the process of digestion. Today many stores can be seen with racks full of pure copper bottles all thanks to the Pure Copper Bottle Exporters. Considering the health benefits of copper, nowadays Pure Copper Bottle Exporters from India are making their mark in the global trade market with their products. Owing to the high quality of the products, it has made itself a place in the world market. Drinking from pure copper bottles helps in preventing cancer and cell damage, it regulates the menstrual cycle, obesity, digestive system, cardiovascular health and the thyroid glands, it reduces the bad cholesterol and increases the good one, steps up melanin production, relieves pain and heals wounds and it slows down the aging process. When so many health benefits are packed into one bottle then why will Pure Copper Bottle Exporters in Rajasthan not seize the opportunity of supplying the market with their unique products? Drinking water is the other name of life. Man can survive without food but not without water. In today’s scenario where water is a scarcity it is of utmost importance to store that precious water in such bottles which will not spoil. What better than copper bottles? So Pure Copper Bottle Exporters in Rajasthan where water is all the scarcer have made it an essential item of trade today. Pure Traditional Bronze Dinner Set Plate Mon, 05 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0530 This Product is hand made and its pure to use at home and it also Healthy Product for our Body. We manufactureing Bronze Metal Articals and utensils With the ratio 78% copper and 22% Tin. This is the purest form of this Metal Whitch is use in Aayurveda for madicine. Our Company Slogen is 'LIVE HEALTHY AND LONG BY COOKING IN BRASS, EATING FROM BRONZE OR DRINKING FROM COPPER'  Zinc Sheets Mon, 05 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0530